Search engine optimization (SEO) is an organic way of getting more traffic, better search engine ranking, and improved online visibility for a brand. If you are a website owner or an entrepreneur, you can assign the marketing work to a reputed firm, but at the same time, it is wise to learn the basics of SEO. MediaOne Marketing, one of the best-known marketing agencies of Singapore, has launched SEO courses for beginners, with the clear intention of helping clients and SEO enthusiasts. The agency providers incredible learning support for all students, so that they can learn about SEO in a practical way.

Getting started

The course from MediaOne covers SEO’s core theories, along with techniques and strategies for website optimization. As a student, you will also uncover some of the basic things about Google’s algorithm and the simple things that may come handy for optimizing your website. The course contents have been listed on their website, and some of the relevant topics include content creation, keyword research and planning, link building, white-hat vs. black-hat SEO, and backlinking.

Enroll now

MediaOne’s SEO courses for beginners are extremely flexible and allows students to learn at an easy pace. They have different course durations and timings, which can come handy for businesses that want to train their in-house members. The course can be completed in a span of two days, with four hours each day, but if you have a large group of professionals willing to take up their SEO course, you can always contact their team to get custom assistance.

Once you have completed their SEO course, you will be able to manage and overview the overall growth of your website and brand online in an organic way. MediaOne also specializes in offering SEO, social media management and other marketing services. For more details, please refer to their website.